Thank You so Much to Our Wonderful Volunteers & Sponsors!

Thank You

Special Thanks to:

  • Rob, Nickie, Andrea & Ryan;  at WP SiteCare,  – For all the hours, days, suggestions and ideas that came to fruition in their creation and maintenance of  our beautiful Website!
  • Our wonderful volunteers that help out at PetSmart: Tina, Aubrey & Kelly,  Mary, Bobbi, Kathryn, Gene and Christine, Brenda, Bernie, Barb,  Amber, Karen C., Maryanne, Allyson and Willow, Bridgette, Chris, Dana, Norah, Mike R., Nicole & Michelle, Karen J.,  Kathyrn S., Alyce, Taylor and  Christine.
  • Catherine & Einar for being there 24/7 when the House Kitties needed you!
  • Lucy and Curtis – For all the donated food, supplies etc. and especially for all the small sleep pads for the cat cages.
  • Sue Roundree and Linda Orr – for their wonderful work of TNR.
  • Boe, Jann, Judy, Catherine & Einar, Taylor, Maria M, Alyce, Lisa Stevens, Rene and Rebecca– for all the fostering of animals you help us with.
  •  Brenda, Maria M., Barb, Boe and Jann – for volunteer driving to and from veterinary hospitals.
  • Special thanks to Tony, Will, Jonathan, Blake and Morgan for all the help at PetSmart.
  • Another very Special Thanks for all that purchased “Hale Pet Doors” for their homes and named us as their charity of choice which resulted in donations. Need a Pet door? Check out and donate by purchasing!

Thank You to all of Our Corporate Sponsors!

We could not survive without the generosity of the public and this year was made just a little bit easier by some wonderful donations that were recently made.