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In November of 2015 one of our beloved founders, Patricia Cihon, suddenly passed away from lung cancer, that horrible of horrible diseases.   She found out about this saddest of news merely two weeks before passing on to heaven where many of the kitties she so lovingly cared for in their previous lives on earth,  were waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge to guide, join her on her journey.

Leaving behind many kitties still living at her home, was very difficult and during her final days, she worried about the fate of her fur babies.   Through the hard work of all our volunteers and board members, we were able to find all of the “un-adoptable” kitties, feral, special needs and retirement age,  a safe place to spend the remainder of their days or a no-kill shelter to provide the kitties the special needs care they deserve and if possible find a new furever home where they can be happy and loved once again.

We just want to thank all those that helped make this miracle of miracle possible and helped us achieve this daunting task by May of 2016!   In particular we would like to thank the Animal Refuge Center of N Ft. Myers (ARC): , Puffy Paws /Kitty Haven of Englewood, FL: and the many loving and caring people that donated time, services, money and emotional support to provide all of Pat’s kitties a new home before the bank foreclosed on her house.

All of us at Second Chance for Strays and all the kitties, past, present and future, wish to offer all of our  sincere gratitude and many, many thankful purrs!!





  1. Jacki Morris says:

    Oh my God she was on my speed dial under Pat cat. My husband’s band did it benefit for second chance for Strays in 2009 we’ve been adopted many cats and helped her any way we could. The first cat we adopted from her after my husband did the benefit passed away Thanksgiving day yesterday. I am looking to adopt another cat that is healthy 2 to 3 years old muscle of other cats. The cat we adopted from her after he did the benefit nurtured a three-week-old homeless kitten that we fostered from another rescue group called countless cat rescue which no longer exists. He is howling and crying and missing his daddy mom. I need another nurturing older cat that will help my three year old that my cat that passed took care of for 3 years. Who can I contact who can I talk to please help me ASAP please help and thank you with a sudden heart 4 Pat.

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