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Sponsor a special needs pet

Unfortunately a lot of our strays need extra special medical attention and care. Right now we still owe for medical bills and always have a cat or kitten sick, injured or fighting for his life. If you decide to become a sponsor to help, we will send you the story about your special needs pet, along with a photograph and a SPECIAL CERTIFICATE of thanks. If you like, we would keep you up-dated on the well-being of your sponsor pet untill he/she finds her/his forever home. We could help so many more animals with your help, If you would like to sponsor a special needs pet, PLEASE call Barb (727) 787-2919 or Jann (727 642-0507 or contact us. or just make a donation by clicking the donate button.

Volunteers needed!

Call Barb (727) 787-2919 or Jann (727 642-0507 if you can give some of your free time to help out at PetsMart with the kitties or driving to and from our veterinarian’s offices.  We could also use some help with answering phones and grant writing.

Adopting a friend

Call Barb (727) 787-2919 or Jann (727 642-0507 if you are interested in seeing one of our many adoptable pets!

Cat Rescue

We urgently need donations to take care of the beautiful cats and kittens that we rescue.  We have committed to rescuing them  and we desperately need your help!  Please help us with their medical care, boarding costs, or better yet- come adopt one or two when they are ready for adoption! Barb (727) 787-2919 for more information!