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Second Chance for Strays

Second Chance for Strays

Second Chance for Strays is a no-kill animal rescue in the Tampa Bay area. Since 1999, our small non-profit organization has worked to rescue as many strays from the Pinellas county area as we possibly can.

Since 1999 Second Chance for Strays has been rescuing unwanted and stray animals. We tend to their medical needs, vaccinations, and even surgeries if needed! We nurse them back to good health, socialize them to get to know their personalities and needs then finally have them spayed/neutered before we match them up and adopt them out to a new wonderful and loving “forever” family.

To date we have rescued over 7000 animals and helped save many more. We believe the answer to the Pet-over Population is by neutering and spaying NOT euthanasia!

We are exclusively 100% volunteer based and all of our furbabies are house kept in foster homes in order to give them the best chance at success in adapting to a home life.

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SCFS is  proud to be an Adopt-a-Pet.com Approved Rescue!